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Alongside my photography services, I also offer a range of image editing and retouching services to clients who already have suitable images, but require additional editing to improve them to a professional standard. These services are primarily aimed at clients who require high quality images for e-commerce or marketing usage, but who are unable to have their products photographed professionally. However, I also provide these services to other professional photographers who wish to save time by outsourcing their image editing.

I offer all kinds of general image retouching, such as exposure and colour correction and white balancing, as well as more specialist services such as subtle blemish removal and skintone correction for portraiture and modelling photographs or industry standard background removal for product photography. Additionally, I specialise in digital restoration and reproduction of printed photographs, paintings, and documents.

Edited images are priced on a cumulative scale starting from just £25, and can usually be delivered within a 24 to 72 hour deadline, depending on the total number of images and the level of editing required.

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